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Privacy Policy

Regarding to the personal information used on Kanucha Resort Web site.

Kanucha Bay Resort Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as the "Our Company"), information related to your personal usage at our web site (hereinafter referred as the "personal information") will be carefully recognized and kept rightly.
In our company, the personal information of the visitors which used on the web site will be required to be sent at some situations. All of our information on the web site is transmitted strictly based on the information handling introductions (restrictions) of personal information of Kanucha Bay Resort Co., Ltd.

1. Permission of personal information:

The personal information is required at the situations bellow:
1) Reservation for the hotel
2) Kanucha Concierge ( request service)
3) Document request
4) Reservation of the wedding, banquet, other service and the order of the items. And the answers of the questionnaire
5) The reply of the survey
6) Others (Other services which need the personal information, the purpose, content, and the information will be given.)

2. The purpose of usage of individual information

Personal information of the customers on our site will be only used for the case as following:
1) In the case of contact the customers.
2) The information will be used for improving our service and products. This usage is only limited to the statistical analysis but not target any individual customers.
3) Disclosure requirements or agreement of the customers.

3. Range of the collection of personal information

The personal information that we received from customers will be the minimum information only for service, and there is no other purpose (information required will be noticed and the usage will be told clearly).

4. Preservation of personal information.

Personal information record will be delated after a certain period of time.

5. The provision and disclosure of personal information

Personal information of the customers will be managed appropriately. Will not disclose or provided to third parties. However, except for the following.
1) Clause 1, and Regarding system maintenance and management,subcontractors which imposed a confidentiality obligations.
2) Permission from the customers.
3) Usage based on the laws and regulation requestment.

6. Security measures

1) For the safety of personal information management, the operation for such as lost or unauthorized access, destruction, falsification and leakage prevention will be organized by using the safety measures reasonably.
2) The reception of the personal information which is used on our web site through the Internet and the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is adopted by the encrypt communications.
3) The information gathered on our site by cookie is only used for the service and statistical analysis but any investigation of illegal access process.

7. Personal information related to the link

In our Web site, in order to provide useful information and services for customers, others services provided by other companies such as a link of a group of Web sites are available. But personal information which gathered in the links will be your own responsibility. Please make a careful decision before using them.

8. Contents and changes of the handling of the personal information on Kanucha Resort home page.

Any changes of the rules described in the page will be noticed.

9. Inquiry

Inquiry related to the usage of personal information on Kanucha Resort home page.
Company name: Kanucha Bay Resort Co.,Ltd
Location: Abu 156 -2,Nago City, Okinawa, Japan. 905 2263

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